This guide extends and expands on PSR-1, the basic coding standard.

The intent of this guide is to reduce cognitive friction when scanning code from different authors. It does so by enumerating a shared set of rules and expectations about how to format PHP code.

The style rules herein are derived from commonalities among the various member projects. When various authors collaborate across multiple projects, it helps to have one set of guidelines to be used among all those projects. Thus, the benefit of this guide is not in the rules themselves, but in the sharing of those rules.
Organizations prepare business presentations on any topic, but they don’t have time of proofreading. Proof read my file is a good online source that gives a perfect look to your presentation. offers a big selection of trendy, custom made calendar solutions to choose from. Customized calendars are a brilliant way to deliver your message, provide knowledge of new equipment and describe your new services. They offer many different style possibilities to match up with your calendar needs. Their refined printing products and hi-tech printing machines create superior quality Custom Calendars.
Anti-aging medicine has become all the rage these days, as people are looking for ways to not only live a healthier life, but to have that health and vitality last well into their later years. Imagine being able to live an active lifestyle and look young well into your sixties, seventies, or even eighties, still being able to do all the things you love.

Anti-aging medicine is not an exact science, as everyone has their own unique picture of health. But regardless of who you are, an effective anti-aging routine will involve addressing 3 areas which all go together: How you look, the health
If you are looking for some effective ways to fit and active your body? We will describe about 7 great exercises that will help you to reach your fitness goal. These exercises are easy but really very effective in strengthening you along with burning unwanted calories. However, sticking to these exercises is not enough to transform your body, you must eat healthy food and get enough sleep regularly. Don’t waste your precious time doing other workouts, here are few exercises that will help you transform your body in really minimum time.
It is known today that there are states where pregnancy symptoms before missed period are sometimes more certain than regular menstrual cycle itself. Most women still believe that their cycle is still the top and sometimes only trusted source by which they can tell their status. However, there is no space for assumption in such situations. It is much better to get acquainted with pregnancy symptoms before missed period. This will save a lot of nerves and lots of sleepless nights in cases where the pregnancy is unwanted. Specifically women with irregular cycles should know what the other indic
Every woman tries to find out more and more details about pregnancy symptoms before missed period. In earlier days, missed menstrual days used to be the main indicator of an early pregnancy. However, modern times and medical technologies found out that it is possible to detect pregnancy symptoms before missed period. Women in general should know a lot about this particular subject. If they are sexually active but do not want kids, it is prerogative to know this. Those who do want children also want to know if they are pregnant as soon as possible.
You have probably seen them in the pet store – six inch lizards, sometimes longer, with what looks to be a beard under their jaw. They tend to watch you go by, sometimes they’ll approach the glass of their enclosure to get a better look at you.
Before you can even think of getting your first bearded dragon, you have to have a vivarium set up for your future pet.
One of the most worrying things that can happen with a bearded dragon is that it will sometimes stop eating. There are a variety of reasons for this, some simple and some more complex.
This skin-repairing facial fights difficult acne on two fronts. First, advanced enzyme technology puts new muscle into deep cleaning exfoliation by dissolving pore-clogging sebum sludge and cellular debris. Next, the enhanced oxygen cream deeply purifies and softens pore clogging congestion, kills acne bacteria, and delivers much needed nutrition into the skin. The result? Not only are blemishes banished and large pores visibly diminished, but overall skin quality, tone, and smoothness are enhanced as well. Particularly effective for smokers and those with a congested, inflamed texture. This
Last week a Facebook friend who is also a Esthetician gave me a complement on one of my photos. Just thinking about her complement now makes me feel “warm and fuzzy” even though its been a few days. It’s a good feeling, thats powerful how simple words can restore a glow to someones face. Usually that takes about 35-60 min in my chair and includes cleansing, exfoliation, a peel and massage to get that kind of glow.
We often want our skin to look young and healthy and we really do something just to protect our skin from whatever possible harms there may be in our environment. Well, our skin is our largest organ performing several functions. It primarily protects us against the invasion of foreign substances and it serves as the transfer point for the release of toxins from our bodies, thus our skin is just worthy of protection and care.
After 4 tips about the Skin Care in our first article, We are going to describe about more 6 tips for the Skin Conscious.
In 1994, Robert Mailloux and Sandfire Dragon Ranch started their first selective breeding project. They sought to create a unique morph of bearded dragon – and they were successful. The Sandfire bearded dragon morph was the result of this particular project and Sandfire Dragon Ranch has been producing them ever since.
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