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Printer Helpline Number|1-855-709-2847|Tech support Phone Number

Posted By logixjyoti on Software - Call @1-855-709-2847 for Online Technical Support for Printer. We provide Dell-Canon-Lexmark-Brother-Kodak-Epson- Hp Technical support by expert technician.

Email Server Software Management

Posted By isara on Software - PowerMTA™ is an enterprise-grade infrastructure application for high-volume email built to address the challenges of digital messaging and integrated customer communications. PowerMTA™ provides unsurpassed reliability and delivery execution in a stable SMTP environment with granular connection controls. Superior message throughput, simplified set up and configuration and real-time analysis provide our clients with performance, deliverability, and manageability without any further investment in hardware.

Why Keeping Up With HR Technology Will Make or Break Your Recruiting Organization

Posted By galijoseph on Software - Today, HR technology is disrupting the talent acquisition industry. Is your recruiting organization implementing growth or standing still?

Hire Pligg developer | hire Pligg programmer| opensource solution experts

Posted By johnwills2016 on Software - Hire Offshore Dedicated Web Developer,hire dedicated web developer
Extensive research and our experience tells that if outsourced project is managed in proper way, than it never fails; using our model a company can hire dedicated staff just like there internal full time employees and manage them in various stages of Software or product development life cycle, you get the job done without committing to salary, benefits and tons of other obligations that comes along when you hire a full time in house employee, not only you save your hard earned money up to 50% but you get work done in an effic

Pos for Cafe | Mobile POS and touch screen restaurant POS systems

Posted By posforcafe on Software - Pos for cafe is provide cafe POS, restaurant, Cafe Shop management software, iPad POS, mobile POS and touchscreen restaurant POS systems in India at affordable cost. Pos-For-Cafe is the cloud-based POS software designed for easy use.

Passive Candidates: A Recruiter’s Buried Treasure

Posted By galijoseph on Software - If recruiters are pirates, then passive candidates are their buried treasure. Recruiters, and hiring managers alike, covet passive candidates because they are usually the most employable. According to LinkedIn, passive candidates make up 73% of the workforce. That’s a lot of gold! Recruiting passive candidates isn’t necessarily a secret either, with a lot of these candidates becoming numb to a lot of the outreach they receive.

Field Service Management Software Field Force Tracker

Posted By shophiapena on Software - Field service management software – Field Force Tracker is a system that helps all field jobs employee companies’ onsite service by tracking work order requests, managing tasks scheduling, and maintaining visibility into operations. Common features include work order management, parts and service assets inventory, real time location tracking of employees and jobs, and reporting.

Where Humans and Technology Meet

Posted By galijoseph on Software - It’s no secret that technology has irrevocably altered our lives. With technology, we are able to connect with others, increase efficiency, and largely make our lives easier. In general, people are pretty pleased with the presence of technology in their daily lives—in fact, studies have indicated that humans exhibit genuine feelings of love toward their smartphones, and there are more iPhones are sold daily than there are babies born worldwide. 

Robots on the Rise: Automation of the Journalism Industry

Posted By pavanvanguri on Software - You’ve heard that Google uses automation technology to create cars that drive themselves, and we’ve told you that similar technology is used in the staffing industry to recruit job candidates without human input. But automation technology has entered yet another industry, and this one might surprise you: journalism.

Five Lessons from the USWNT That Can Be Applied in Your Workplace

Posted By galijoseph on Software - On July 5, 2015, the United States Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT) celebrated winning the country’s third World Cup Championship title in an exhilarating redemption game against Japan. The USWNT consistently exuded synergy and determination in a brilliant performance throughout the tournament, and there are many lessons that can be learned from this talented group of women. 

Leoforce to Add Job Pages, Analytics for Staffing Firm Clients

Posted By pavanvanguri on Software - Recruiting has been shifting to become more of a marketing-centric approach and continues to do so. The prominence of social recruiting has a lot to do with this as well as the general principles of attracting a target audience

Netflix Unveils Unlimited Maternity and Paternity Leave

Posted By pavanvanguri on Software - It’s no secret that the United States is lagging behind other countries when it comes to paid time off for new parents. In fact, the U.S. is one of only three countries surveyed by the United Nations that doesn’t guarantee paid leave for mothers—Oman and Papua New Guinea are the other two countries.