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HAVE you ever wondered who is behind those fashion shows, award functions (TV, film or corporate), or even big fat Indian weddings? It is the Event Managers, a growing tribe who work around mind-boggling logistics to make it all happen.

Search Engine Optimization termed as SEO is one of the essential tool of Internet Marketing, ensures the higher ranking of webpage. Search Engine Optimization is a technique to grab maximum quantity and quality of E traffic.

Most fashion designers have a Professional Qualification in a related field, such as fashion design or fashion merchandising. Employers usually seek applicants with creativity, as well as a good technical understanding of the production process for clothing & accessories

iOrganic Presents 100% Pure Himalayan Honey obtained from pollution-free high altitudes of Kashmir. With a rich golden colour and smooth flavour, it is a great alternative to sugar! iOrganic Desi Cow Ghee is hand crafted by ayurvedic method of churning curd made from cow's milk
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