The new play-to-earn blockchain NFT project- GameJet is taking the gaming industry by storm. This platform provides incredible innovative features, including multiple levels, consecutive tournaments and competition, and NFT staking. The token sale for this project is live from today September 17, 2021.
GameJet Token Presale is Live
The Defi NFT gaming project, GameJet has raised a sum of 40% from the 1 billion total supply for the JET token presale to eventually power every aspect of the blockchain-based gaming blockchain technology platform. GameJet platform is built to deliver supreme transparency for user and efficiency for gaming operators.
Due to the huge demand and token reservation for players, in the first month after the presale we expect token to mark 100x. Once the presale ends, the tokens is planned to get listed on JustSwap, BitMart, Binance, and OKEx exchange platforms.
The last slated day of JET token presale is yet not disclosed, however, we plan to run this event for 7 days. We expect major contribution in this presale from individual contributors as well as institutional funds to participate in the event and secure huge token break.
We are pleased that the institutional investors along with blockchain community are emphatically supporting our vision, the team, and overall progress of the project. Now, this is getting more exciting as we plan on releasing 3 games based on casino and mini games, working towards some live platform transformation and the creation of a truly fair, reliable, transparent and player-focused gaming world.
About GameJet Project
GameJet is an incredibly genuine and emerging Tron-based NFT project- P2P, decentralized, provably fair online gaming platform. We intend to make the project a huge successful terms of 2021 embracing new technologies and efficiencies to transform the overall gaming industry.
We have come up with this project to demonstrate the set of practical applications that is set to go live on Tron blockchain solving some real problem of high transaction fees and trust. The new applications and games will indeed be built on the initial production-ready state channels to power up incredibly quick games.
GameJet will not compromise the provable security and our leagues will be ahead of other efforts. We believe that this platform is an invaluable addition to the gaming ecosystem. The team and the technology behind GameJet are very impressive that is far the furthest ahead in terms of functionality and playability.
Our team is working effortlessly to define the token mechanics and create the ultra-efficient, token sale contract. By using the obvious use case for blockchain technology, we are implementing the presale and other tokenomics in a user-friendly way.
The platform is building exclusive gaming and high-end working software for players. This way the gamers can reap benefits from beautiful, engaging, intuitive games offering bigger payouts and such platforms are provably fair.


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