Eccountant is a Professional Corporation registered with Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario, Canada. We are called Eccountant for a reason, we are a 100% paperless accounting firm. You can even call us the vegans or the vegetarians of the accounting world.
We offer paperless environment for all our clients, in order to give them real-time access to all their documents. We keep up with the advancements in technology and we leverage it to scale our client's businesses. We are a team of fun-loving accounting professionals with a knack for technology. We have the bank grade security standards to ensure the privacy of our client's documents is preserved.
We work to develop simplified solutions for tax and accounting needs of all our clients. We employ only CPAs, with expert knowledge in etaxation, ebookkeeping and eccounting . Working with a CPA ensures that you have the guidance you need to make the best possible decisions.
We realize that each client is unique, and so is their business approach. We support our clients in setting up the correct accounting system with the right software to meet their everyday tax and accounting requirements.
If you wish to learn more about us, please visit us at our website.
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