“The Shadow of the Staff: A Wizard’s Revenge” by critically-acclaimed author Mark Haddad is a mystical tale of sorcery, grandiose adventure, eons-old lineages, self-discovery, and the never-ending shift between peace and war among the races of the ancient magical realm of Hatu. It explores the adventures of Burton Brewthe Myopian – the last Brew descendant to have carried the Great Staff of Power, as he and his comrades find themselves in a precarious predicament that’s part of something much bigger than they ever could have imagined – a realm-threatening force that transcends time and lineage with a vengeful bloodlust for retribution. Published by Vantage Press in 2011, M.A. Haddad’s “The Shadow of the Staff: A Wizard’s Revenge” is a masterful and worthy addition to the fantasy genre.


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