New Information Technology is an online store where you can catch numbers of products with an ease in minutes. You just have to visit the site and I damn sure, you will get your desirable products there and definitely customized t-shirts online.

OnePlus TV is expected to come with a smart remote but will reportedly not feature an OLED display.

Just a week ago, Mozilla rolled-out an updated version of its Firefox browser v.67.0.2, while fixing a low-severity bug. Nonetheless, it seems they missed to fix another bug that was more severe. Now, Mozilla has rolled-out another update, Firefox 67.0.3, as it fixes a critical zero-day bug actively exploited in the wild.

Backbone.js is an Uber-light framework that allows you to structure your Javascript code in an MVC fashion where: Model - Being part of your code, retrieves the data. View - HTML representation of this model, but there is a change in view if the model changes. Controller - Enables you to store the state of your JS app with the help of a hashbang URL.

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