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Tel Aviv Travel Guide: 7 Things To Do In Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv, the second largest city in Israel, is a Mediterranean dream and the beaches deserve a spot on your bucket list! A growingly popular destination on the Mediterranean’s less popular coast side. There are endless things to do in Tel Aviv, lots of Tel Aviv attractions and I hope this Tel Aviv Travel Guide will help you make your trip as amazing as ours!

Find the best Tel Aviv attractions in my Tel Aviv travel guide. Here's my list of the best things to do in Tel Aviv for new visitors!

As perhaps the most famous of all the Greek islands, Mykonos is profoundly dedicated to tourism – and that means lots of dining options! Time for my Mykonos restaurant reviews! The island offers a broad variety of restaurants catering to every taste and budget: the best food in Mykonos combines a bit of everything. Choose from cheap souvlakis and gyros to more elaborate Mediterranean food, which has been delighting palates for millennia. Enjoy my list of the best restaurants in Mykonos!

Want to taste the best food in Mykonos? Read my Mykonos restaurant guide and find out...

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A Glimpse Of Beautiful Riga – What To See In Riga

Sometimes you manage to combine business and pleasures and my latest business trip to Riga was one of those occasions. Even though I was locked into a meeting room most of my time here, I got the opportunity to see the old part of Riga. The first encounter was in the evening on our way to the restaurant and the minute we entered the old part I fell in love. The narrow streets of cobblestones, the impressive historic buildings next to cute and colorful small houses, all with a romantic evening shimmer. Here is my guide to...

4 Summer Work Outfits & Summer Office Looks For Hot Days At Work!

It's so easy to dress for work and office in the fall and springtime, but what about summer. I find it hard to dress professional but still not too hot, too short, too transparent etc☺ So here are my best summer work outfits that will keep you stylish and fresh.

How to dress at work during summer? Check out my favorite summer work outfits & summer office looks that will make you look awesome at work!

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Marbella Travel Guide – Things To Do In Marbella Spain.

Cosmopolitan and full of Andalusian hospitality, Marbella is the classiest and most expensive resort in Costa del Sol. Here you’ll find where to stay in Marbella and some exciting things to do in Marbella Spain.

Don't miss out on all the fun things to do in Marbella Spain with this guide, including where to stay in Marbella for the best experience!

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Il condizionatore d'aria sembra essere uno dei migliori innovazioni dell'umanità. Ci sono una varietà di refrigeratori d'aria disponibili sul mercato oggi. Ci sono fondamentalmente due tipi sono ampiamente disponibili. Primo grado, che utilizza la forza dell'acqua per funzionare e un altro tipo chiamato il refrigeratore raffreddato ad aria è durevole e non consuma tanta energi
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