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The world retail landscape is experiencing dramatic changes in various ways such as increase in retail sales, increasing competitiveness both in USA and in the globe and changing consumer trends. However, trademark retail outlet such as Wal-Mart, Metro, Tesco and several others continue to perform. Wal-Mart is a retail outlet that has reputable history of providing greater value to consumers than its competitors (Dura et al, 2010).

Fashion is a general term that refers to popular style or practice especially in clothing, accessories, footwear, make up, body piercing and of furniture. Other uses have been adapted and variously used to define the meaning of the word fashion. Fashion has been referred to as a distinctive and habitual trend in the style which a person dresses or to prevailing styles in behavior. Fashion has also been referred to as the newest creations of fashion designers. Most recently, fashion has largely been referred to in relation to clothing including the study of the same.

Several factors are considered when ascertaining the credit worthiness of any organization and they include the capacity to repay, the capital that has been invested into the business, the collateral available, the conditions why the organization wants the credit and, lastly, the character impression that you make on the prospective lender.

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Globalization as a phenomenon has widely been discussed from the pessimistic point. Many articles that have been written on the topic have wavered away from the positive effects that globalization has had on the British society. The word loss has variously been negated, but my look at globalization looks at the word from an optimistic direction to find out what are the good that the Britons have gained from some of the losses that have had due to the phenomenon of globalization.

The speech will be presented to the Surfrider Foundation. Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean. The speech will be given during the executive committee meeting which is mandated with managing the operation of the organization and the formulation of policies. The executive committee is expected to have representatives from the California branch, the Miami branch, and their international affiliations in Australia, Japan, Brazil and France.

Apart from product marketing campaigns, the company’s campaigns often incorporate topical issues such as same sex marriage, gun control, HIV and Aids, homelessness, abortion and the environment. The company is also known for political campaigns. Over the years, Kenneth Cole has established himself as a world class marketer not only in the product industry, but also on social issues.

Six Sigma, balanced scorecard, and triple bottom are models that have been developed so that to capture behavioral and structural ethical performance of the organization. The two models that will be discussed in this assignment include balanced scorecard and Six Sigma. Six Sigma is a model that is designed so that to manage process variations, which tend to cause defects defined as unacceptable from the target and to systematically work towards managing the variations so that to eliminate the defects (Tang, et al 2007). Balance scorecard is a management system that tends to focus on all the...

Moral philosophy is described as the moral judgment or the value which is placed on decisions regarding what is wrong or right, just or unjust, or good or bad. Moral philosophy can be applied in business on a practical level in determining the way to discipline employees who tend to behave against the accepted norms of the culture of the organization. Having the code of ethics in place and the business emphasizing on ethical behavior, the employees will know how they must act when they are faced with certain dilemmas and also understand the consequences of their actions (Barcalow, 2007).

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On average, a warehouse worker in US earns $26 thousand annually translating to $ 12.39 per hour. The national hourly rates range from $ 8.65 to $ 16.41. In California warehouse wages differ considerably. The difference depends on various factors such as the general population and competitiveness in the market. For example in Fresno, CA, the average annual salary for a water house worker is $ 29,610. The worker also enjoys various benefits including social security ($ 2,310), disability ($ 211), healthcare ($ 6507), pension (1932) and time off ($ 3,716). In Daly City, warehouse workers...

She expected to go back to her secretarial job after the end of the 3 months leave, but she could not manage to leave her child under day care. She did not trust anyone with her child and decided to leave her job that she had been part of for three years.

B. communication: frequently talked with her husband. She experienced changes with her friend’s communication since she spent a lot of time with her child. She only spoke to one of her friends who also had a baby after her. They shared ideas.

C. impact of the child to relationship: had a positive impact.

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