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GPS have been in commercial use since last decade with the help of satellites for pointing an object on earth and mobile networks to create maps for identifying in which place the object resides using data services. Once when gps technology was found, it is dedicated for use in U.S military operations. Then it is passed onto civilians for other use as well. Nowadays, it is used for several business needs, to say, track company goods.

Is not for watching your drivers activities in real-time, this gps tracking system enables safety to both the stock and drivers who carries it, saves fuel consumptions by omitting the long routes which results in fast delivery of the package and reducing in maintenance cost of the vehicle. If the truck is idle on location, through handheld mobile itself the owner monitors the vehicle status and communicates with the driver with the problem he faces and makes an immediate arrangement for stock delivery on time.

Our smartphone itself gives solution to check the status of vehicle such as start, stop, idle, On, Off conditions. start represents where the vehicle starts it journey, stop represents the destined end of current journey, idle represents the engine is on, but, the vehicle isn’t moving, on represents when the vehicle get started, off represents the off-mode of engine. Furthermore, you can watch the average speed Km/Hr, Odometer of the vehicle connected to gps tracking system shows the how much kilometres the vehicle travelled so far, and all these are done with our dedicated tracking2u mobile application. Addition to this, our vehicle tracking system provides a sms/Email notification feature that can be set for several intervals to be received in customer’s mobile phone.

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