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Screen Check ME – World’s leading & market’s well known most preferred distributor for Auto ID Industry ranging from Identification, Bar coding, Point of Scale, Banking Equipment’s, Biometrics etc.

There is also a provision for lateral entry for MBA through Distance Mode, this mean that if you have already been enrolled in a college or university or Institute of distance learning approved by the UGC, AICTE and DEC, but are yet to complete the course, you can shift to our one year course and continue your studies with us. Students have to pay whole course fee plus/ for break in studies.

If you are a 17 years old and have 40 hours minimum of flight training than you are eligible for PPL exams .if you have successfully attained a pilot certificate than you are now eligible to fly aircraft these is for all the pilots who want to get private pilots licence at Melbourne.

OMG Noida are brilliantly placed in Sector 129 and close to a number of essential destinations. This housing property is just by the Gr. Noida – Noida Expressway which seamlessly connects this project with various other locations including IT destinations like Dell, Steria, Sapient, TCS,AON Hewitt, Eaton, Infoedge etc.

Kilews specializes in manufacturing electric tools, including cordless and electric screwdrivers, torque meters, screw feeders and other peripheral products. Kilews products are regarded as best products all over the world due to their excellent quality and low maintenance costs.

R is a software suite and native programming language suitable for big data analysis, data visualization, and statistical computing. It has powerful graphical capabilities and strongly based upon object oriented features.
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