Tutpub - CNC Tool carts for all types of CNC Holders - UratechUSA https://tutpub.com/tools-and-home-improvement/cnc-tool-carts-for-all-types-of-cnc-holders-uratechusa/ At Uratech USA Inc, we manufacture different varieties of CNC Tool carts and each of them has a model type CAT 40. These model types are designed on our product with perfection according to the customer’s requirement. Each cart is made up of cold rolled steel to ensure the durability and solidity of the products to be utilized in different industries. For more details, you can either contact us on Ph: 716 949 4237 or email at Info@Uratechusa.com. Visit our website www.Uratechusa.com to know more about our products, we are open to your queries 24/7. Fri, 09 Aug 2019 11:39:03 UTC en