The Stanley J5C09 of 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter with an inbuilt air Compressor offers a convenient, portable way to jump-start car batteries without the help of additional car battery. Along with its superior jump starting capabilities which can jump start every automobile, no matter how weak the battery power is discharged, it also has an air compressor embedded in it, making it easier to handle emergencies.
The 120 PSI air compressor embedded can inflate any flat tire or other inflatable objects in no time. Stanley J5C09 jump starter delivers a power of 1000 peak amperes along with 500 amperes prompt initial power. This provides the starter an effective and excellent efficiency, which can jump start any vehicle battery. The jump starter comes with an inbuilt air compressor of 120 PSI for swift inflation of tires and other inflatable objects. This device has an integrated super-rotating light emitting diode known as LED and USB charging attachments. The light emitting diode comes integrated with a rotating movement of 270 degrees.
This jump starter comprises of sound and visual convers polarization alarm for a higher level of safety which alerts a user in case of reverse polarity connection so as to properly change the clamps before switching on the device. Using an adequate amount of power ability in other to jump-start any type of automobile, be it a boat, tractor or truck, the Stanley Battery Jump Starter is ideal for regular use or road emergency.