This is an air compressor on the low priced side, the powerful MV50 SuperFlow high-volume air compressor is the perfect, portable and convenient air compressor that has the ability to inflate a tire in less than three minutes. It’s basically designed for use on SUV, trucks, RVs and other vehicles tires, and is intended for everyday use, from blowing up soccer ball to filling up a flat tire and other inflating tools. The MV50’s 12 volts of power and 120 PSI limit is equivalent to other higher-valued priced air compressors. It comes included with a 10-foot power cord to stretch around the vehicle, a separable 16-foot pipe hose in length so as to fix from the air compressor to tire, a built-in pressure gauge, and alligator fasteners as to perfectly hook to the terminals of your car battery. The MV50 can reach up to 72 IPM (2.54CFM). It also comes with adapters and neatly pack carriage bag that includes a whole lot of accessories for an off-road activities.


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