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Cavalier Antiques& Restorations is the best among second hand furniture stores in Adelaide. We buy and sell antique furniture and also restore them. Visit our website to know more or drive into our store and find the most exquisite second hand furniture.

Who doesn't like living in a well-furnished house? With all the comfort and beautiful sitting area, a house becomes a home with the right furniture and ambience. But investing in newly built furniture is not always feasible
When it involves the longevity of antique items of furnishings, regular antique furniture maintenance is imperative. Whether or not which means tending to upholstery or fixing structural problems, an investment in antique furniture restoration may create all the distinction. Whether or not you have got an antique chair or rustic table that needs some additional…
If you are interested in Antique furniture, paintings, collectibles, jewelry, etc., check out Cavalier Antiques, a famous destination to buy and sell antique furniture's, and collectibles, and much more. Look through our catalog of antique furniture and collectibles and you’ll definitely like an item you’ll like to add to your personal collection.
For finding and getting the best in its class vintage jewellery Adelaide, you can trust Cavalier Antiques. Apart from the large range of collectibles including beautiful colored glass, china, clocks, speller and jewellery, you can also browse for great antique furniture, of the old eras, to create a feeling of royalty in your home.
Looking to restore the value of your old antique furniture, contact Cavalier Antiques. Our objective is to retain the value and integrity of the piece by using the best materials and quality craftsmanship.
Antiques have extra advantages in the jumble of polish, wax plus dust. Smoke originating from the fireplace, and oil lamps in the kitchen adding more air particles on the surfaces for the most part,fades the shine of the furniture and even makes the metal item dull. Antique furniture restoration including jewelry, can make an extensive difference on the world, when it comes to the outward looks of the item. Restored antique furniture will look significantly more better as opposed to refinished ones.
The best among antique stores in Adelaide invites you. At Cavalier Antiques & Restorations we deal in everything from furniture, to collectibles, glassware and jewellery. Buy and sell the most exotic collectibles from a bygone era. Visit our store now.