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Consistently countless from everywhere throughout the world set off, to Makkah in Saudi Arabia to perform the blessed obligation of Umrah. Umrah is actually an Arabic word, which mean a visit to a crowded place. But Umrah is the visit to the Holy Kaaba in the Islamic sense,

Imam Ahmad reported that Buraydah (R.A) said: The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) didn't go out upon the arrival of (Eid) al-Fitr until he had eaten, and he didn't eat upon the arrival of (Eid) al-Adha until he returned, then he would consume of his slaughtered animal.

He said that we hope this service would be available to pilgrims from all countries .At present pilgrims are able to visit only Makah and Madinah. The new program will allow them to visit places like Madain Saleh, Madain Shuaib, Haqel, Abha and Taif.

The Ziyarah also includes the visit to the other sacred places in the Makkah and the Medinah. In Makkah: the Jannat-ul-Muala, Jabl-e-Noor, Masjid-e-Kahaf, masjid-e Ayesha, Jable-e-Rahma, Mina, Muzdalifah and Arafat, whereas, the Masjid-e-Nabvi S.A.W.W, the Masjid-e-Qubaa, the Jannat-ul-Baqqie, the Juma Mosque, Abu Baqar Mosque, Ali Mosque, Masjid-e-Ghammama, plan of Baddar and the Jabl-e-Uhud are some of the places include in the Ziyarah-e-Muqadisa in Medinah.

The remaining, is shaving or cutting the hair on your head, for the completion of Umrah the travelers of Umrah Packages also keep this in their considerations as well. If you are a male, you should have your hair either completely shaved or shortened. For female, it is to shorten your hair slightly.

There are many travel agents who are serving Muslim Ummat for the Umrah, and are arranging the entire tour by offering them the Umrah packages Cheapest 2015. By taking these Umrah Best packages, Muslims residing any corner of the globe can easily and conveniently perform their rituals of Umrah.

The Holy voyage to Makkah is full of the blessings and bounty of Allah. One who is travelling to this sacred destination can get the numerous rewards for each step. This sacred tour is made easier by the Umrah agents, who are, offering even cheap Umrah Packages London, Uk for those having a short budget but the great desire to perform Umrah.

This Eid followed by the Muslims greater spiritual activity of the Hajj. Muslims reach to the holy Kaaba in the Makkah, to comply with the basic obligation which they are bound to do to confirm their faith. Muslims around the globe, living in any corner can take the Hajj package, which contain everything to make their Hajj journey easy and calm for them. Cheap Hajj packages enable them to perform their duty in a budgeted price.

According to this statement that the Umrah makes one’s as clean as born, it can be interpreted that the path of Umrah is the way towards the Jannah. As for entering in the Jannah, one must get rid of all the sin and bad deeds, and Umrah act as a washing agent of the sins of one’s life.

Once or more than once, whenever it is performed, it carries great rewards and the forgiveness of the previous sins of their lives. There is no fixed time day and month for the performance of Umrah as it is for Hajj, it can be performed any time one desires.

Each of the rite in the Hajj journey, has a significant value and return for the Muslims. Muslims, after completing the Hajj rites also go for visiting the other sacred places around the Harram. They do visit the Medina to register their presence in the Levee of Muhammad PBUH.
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