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Without making a sound, Nie Tian gathered his flesh power to his left hand as he lifted it to fend off Liang Hao's piercing hand sword with his palm.


Liang Hao's two shorter fingers suddenly exploded, giving rise to an explosive force.

Simultaneously, his remaining three exceptionally long fingers
Qin Lie's own condition was about the same.

He had lost a couple of spikes around his shoulders and knee area. His body was covered in bloody marks as well.

His back especially was struck so badly by Locke's tail that it was a mess of flesh and blood.

Anyone who was looking closer at the wound would notice glowing
Therefore, while Yan Zhaoge had obtained and accumulated quite a few treasures before this, he had still not thrown them directly into the Internal Crystal Furnace to burn for the sake of refining that bamboo cane of his.

Still, there was basically no longer a need to consider this matter anymore.

Speaking of this, he really had King Xuanmu t
He felt that the eyes were looking through him.

His every inch of flesh and blood, his Dantian, his organs, his 360 acupuncture points, the 12 regular meridians and the 8 special meridians were all being scanned by the elder!

Heaven's Eye...

Yi Yun felt a tremor in his heart. He wished he could stop his beating hea
Grace lowered her head further.

"We'll provide any form of compensation for you! This is our mistake."

"Since my disciple is running short on money, you can help him a little. Also, the artifact that he is looking for from you guys, return it at the same time."

"Lastly, and most importantly
Village Chief shook his head, "I don't have much long to live and if I don't give it to him, when should I give it to him?"

Apothecary took out a mirror and handed it over to Qin Mu.

Qin Mu took over the mirror and didn't find anything unusual about it. Village Chief said, "Inside this mirror is a geographical map which leads t
"What about curses..." another person proposed.

"That won't do either. Despite the curse being of low quantity and high quality, the purification of every single one of those curses has high requirements on the strength of one's spirit. All those royal family members seem to be D-class, right? Chen Feng only has 250 points of spiritual energy. Even if he
1. Chen is a common surname, the same surname as Meng Hao's Elder Brother Chen Fan. Lei means thunder or lightning Chapter 1490: Little Mute

In his first life he was a Chosen. In his second life, he reached the pinnacle of the mortal world. His third life ended soaked in blood. His fourth life was, for the most part, a waste.

After dying in t
As he said that, he placed Heavenly Sword under Huntelaar's chin. Huntelaar's head was down as he was depressed, but his head was raised up as Fei raised the sword.

"You know that I'm going to the Jax Battle Zone in three days. If the officials at the Military Headquarter could get some information out of this ape's mouth, send me a message; it might be useful on t
Cen Shuyin's soul was sparse, but could still barely make it out from the large group of souls.

Souls in the Underworld had unparalleled speed, hence despite how sparse her soul was, she sped through the area swiftly. But this speed came at a price: her soul became thinner with every moment.

Days later, Cen Shuyin's soul had become so sparse
At this time, Yue Yang's World Exterminating Wheel and Nirvana Flame had only been unleashed.

If the Scarlet Emperor could move, even if he could only move 3 metres, Yue Yang would definitely die.

The Ancient Seal became Yue Yang's greatest helper. It had completely trapped and locked the Scarlet Emperor, preventing him from moving by even an
"Soul technique no.1: Sudden thunder!"

Liu Yi hurriedly put on the black armor form from Vacuum Cleaner and temporary block this white lightning!

But the current white lightning actually possess the power of around 15 stars!

Liu Yi got struck down from the sky by this lightning and smashes into the ground
This inspiration came from blood deity Immortal Gu's recipe.

Fang Yuan was a grandmaster in blood path, with the light of wisdom's help, he had already completed the blood deity Immortal Gu recipe.

The current Fang Yuan, with his refinement path quasi-supreme attainment, could change any Immortal Gu recipe into an immortal killer move.

At this moment, Shi Xiaobai had struck once again.

The rookies did not know what terrifying event would have happened if not for Shi Xiaobai's timely strike; therefore, they only panicked slightly but were not overly apprehensive. But for Shi Xiaobai, he could not forget the scene of that rookie having his head swallowed.

A bloody death had p
「I have now gained another wife.」

「You're a girl, you know.」

I rebuked Tilia's joke just as we were stopped in our tracks by a large crowd.

「I wonder what's going on?」

Noa started to push her way through the crowd, and Misa followed. Shuri also tried to run off with them, but Fina tightl
This was a brief biography of Gwon Hwa-rang.....he graduated from the police academy with honours and became a greatly admired hot blooded detective until he retired due to a gun accident. Many years were spent in a gloomy mood until he married Hyun-woo's mother! Now he was Hyun-woo's stepfather. After spending so long in the hospital, Hyun-woo's mother and Gwon Hwa-rang became interested in socia
Carefully, Bai Yunfei stared at the celebrating villas, staring from left to right to see who was who.

Though he was being very observant on what each group of people were doing, Bai Yunfei wasn't trying to eavesdrop on them, he was trying to feel if their auras were familiar or not.

He wanted to find...Cheng Xin, Li Chen, and the others!