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When I joked around, Milleia-san laughed to herself. But she looked a little sorrowful as well.

[That path is a grim one. You've already lost the road home, but are you sure?]

"I mind it not."

[I see. Then we've got to support you with all we've got.] Ye Mo went up to the second floor and said to Annie, &
"She sits next to me in class. Transfer student," Lin Yi said.

"Why's she following you though?" Tang Yin felt that it'd seem petty for her to be asking Lin Yi stuff like this, but she decided it was fine. The more perfect Lin Yi was, the more afraid and insecure about losing him Tang Yin got.

"She's new here. Didn't

Li Du was too lazy to talk to these minions.

Ariana's friends gave her presents one by one, leaving Porter and Sean for the end.

Sean looked at Porter and pointed at him with his chin. "Hey, man, what have you got?

Come on, it's not the key to the villa, is it? Haha!"
At this time, Yue Yang's World Exterminating Wheel and Nirvana Flame had only been unleashed.

If the Scarlet Emperor could move, even if he could only move 3 metres, Yue Yang would definitely die.

The Ancient Seal became Yue Yang's greatest helper. It had completely trapped and locked the Scarlet Emperor, preventing him from moving by even an
"Soul technique no.1: Sudden thunder!"

Liu Yi hurriedly put on the black armor form from Vacuum Cleaner and temporary block this white lightning!

But the current white lightning actually possess the power of around 15 stars!

Liu Yi got struck down from the sky by this lightning and smashes into the ground
This inspiration came from blood deity Immortal Gu's recipe.

Fang Yuan was a grandmaster in blood path, with the light of wisdom's help, he had already completed the blood deity Immortal Gu recipe.

The current Fang Yuan, with his refinement path quasi-supreme attainment, could change any Immortal Gu recipe into an immortal killer move.

At this moment, Shi Xiaobai had struck once again.

The rookies did not know what terrifying event would have happened if not for Shi Xiaobai's timely strike; therefore, they only panicked slightly but were not overly apprehensive. But for Shi Xiaobai, he could not forget the scene of that rookie having his head swallowed.

A bloody death had p
「I have now gained another wife.」

「You're a girl, you know.」

I rebuked Tilia's joke just as we were stopped in our tracks by a large crowd.

「I wonder what's going on?」

Noa started to push her way through the crowd, and Misa followed. Shuri also tried to run off with them, but Fina tightl
This was a brief biography of Gwon Hwa-rang.....he graduated from the police academy with honours and became a greatly admired hot blooded detective until he retired due to a gun accident. Many years were spent in a gloomy mood until he married Hyun-woo's mother! Now he was Hyun-woo's stepfather. After spending so long in the hospital, Hyun-woo's mother and Gwon Hwa-rang became interested in socia
Carefully, Bai Yunfei stared at the celebrating villas, staring from left to right to see who was who.

Though he was being very observant on what each group of people were doing, Bai Yunfei wasn't trying to eavesdrop on them, he was trying to feel if their auras were familiar or not.

He wanted to find...Cheng Xin, Li Chen, and the others!
What a cute girl.

「Come here. What did you learn today?」

「Uhm......sorry, I forgot」

「You forgot?」

「Un......sorry, it was all thanks to Shou that I'm being taught by the Great Sage, but I'm so stupid」

「You forgot everything?」

There weren't any important big-names near the end, so the male and female host chatted on the side and disinterestedly waited for everyone else to finish walking.

Then the crowd on both sides suddenly exclaimed in shock like a rolling wave.

The two hosts subconsciously looked up and were stunned.


"Ufufufu" (Mio)

Mio was completely delighted, so she didn't listen to Tomoe, no, the words of Tomoe probably didn't even enter her ears.

"Hoh~ this is mayonnaise huh. Mio-dono, is it okay for me to taste it too?" (Shiki)

"Waka-sama has already been pleased so, it is okay. Shiki, eat and tas
Space collapsed while the heavens and the earth fell into chaos, and the might of the Restriction of Oblivion had actually emerged once more into the world!

"This is impossible! This is the ancient grand formation set up by the Third Netherworld Emperor all those years ago. How could it possible be controlled by you? It's impossible! Absolutely impossible..."
Ye Xuan replied in admiration of her, "I've asked around. She's a newcomer genius of the Heavenly Note Sect, from the Tiny world. She's already reached the 5-fate realm at such a young age and is famed as one of the 'Gemini Cosmo' girls. Her cultivating speed is simply shocking. Furthermore, she has quite the prestige within the Heavenly Note Sect. It's hard to imagine that she's so young! Af
Theo liked this silent time. It was because he coveted knowledge which could help him shake off this suffocating situation. Here, there were no professors who dismissed Theo or students making jokes.

Theo channeled all his stress into studying everyday. Theo's superior brain was used to this stress, and it absorbed the knowledge which had been accumulated in the library
"That's good, they should be afraid." Luo Feng said.

"Right." Xu Xin nodded.

"Xu Xin." Luo Feng suddenly flipped his hand and produced a simple looking laser gun.

"This is?" Xu Xin was shocked.

"E9 laser gun." Luo Feng smiled and explaine