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BOPP Heat Resistant (HR) films are specially designed to replace BOPET as outer printing layer in multi-layer packaging for foods like noodles, pet food, snacks, potato chips. Apart from recyclability, barrier heat resistant films also help with laminate structure rationalization without compromising on aesthetics, printability, machinability and user friendliness.

High Barrier Films are co-extruded, one side metalised and other side treated heat sealable BOPP films. These films are majorly useful for applications such as Inner seal web in multi-layer laminate and Sandwich lamination. It has unique features like Outstanding metal appearance and it also possess Good heat seal strength. Cosmo Films Limited is one of the largest High Barrier Films manufacturer, supplier and producer across the globe.

Get the best Pouch Film, Printed Packaging Films, Print Films at Cosmo Films Limited. We offer superior films which supports quality printing and converting. Our wide range of Pouch Films Includes unique features such as Excellent machinability, High heat seal strength and Low COF throughout printing & laminating process.

Cosmo Films Ltd offers a wide range of Lamination films used for graphic art lamination through our network of distributors spread across the globe. Our premier Lamination Films have extrusion coated surface with low temperature melting resin, which enables the lamination of film to paper products by heat and pressure.

Cosmo Films is a leading Thermal Laminating Film manufacturer in india. It is BOPP based, one side matte and both side treated thermal laminating film. Film has extrusion coated surface with low temp. melting resin, which enables the lamination of film to paper products by heat and pressure.

BOPP Films is most preferably used for food packaging globally because of its inherent moisture barrier properties, high clarity, graphic reproduction and shelf appeal, best possibilities of the pack being a mono layer/homogeneous structure. Cosmo Films is leading BOPP Films Producer across the globe.

Our Plastic Packaging films are used by the world’s best flexible packaging manufacturers, servicing leading global FMCG brands. Cosmo Films Limited provide a solution for every need - ranging from optical properties, superior printability and low sealing temperature. We deals in all kind of Plastic films, coex film, cold seal film and more. Get wide range of Luxury, Multilayer and sustainable Packaging Films.

Cosmo Synthetic Paper is now being used by the leading TMT steel bar manufacturers for tag applications. It has effectively emerged as the preferred choice for substrate due to its inherent advantages of non-tearability, moisture and chemical resistance. Not only does Cosmo Synthetic Paper helps in creating long-lasting printed tags, but also aids in enhanced brand visibility and product attributes.

Cosmo Films is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Velvet Film Products across the globe. It is used with all kinds of printed, unprinted papers, cosmetics & liquor cartons, coffee table books, magazines, brochures etc. and specifically recommended for luxury packaging.

Carcass Tags are made from BOPP based, Top coated direct thermal printable (DTP) film. It has some unique and useful features such as Direct thermal printable, Excellent rub resistance, Excellent resistance to oil, solvent and water, Dark image quality and many more.

BOPP Films are preferred substrate for food packaging globally because of its inherent moisture barrier properties, seal ability, high clarity and graphic reproduction and shelf appeal, best possibilities of the pack being a mono layer/homogeneous structure. Get the widest range of BOPP Films only at Cosmo Films Limited.

Cosmo Synthetic Paper (CSP) has been recently used by a leading hospital chain as a substrate for application of patient identification bands. Prior to CSP, they were using a PVC based material for this application. CSP became a preferred choice over PVC based material because of its environment friendliness. Apart from this, the substrate also offers enhanced printability, durability, tear resistance, moisture and chemical resistance. The substrate is first printed through UV inks based offset process and then through thermal transfer ribbons for tracking patient-specific information.

Cosmo Films is the leading supplier and manufacturer of BOPP Speciality Films. Our Transparent, co- extruded with dual side heat sealable speciality films are specially designed to render low sealing threshold. Our wide range of BOPP Specialty Films are specially architected to render excellent adhesion of ink and lamination adhesive during conversion.

Synthetic paper is a replacement of paper in applications where durability and longevity is desired. At Cosmo Films, our wide range of synthetic paper is a preferred substrate over a normal paper owing to its distinct attributes of durability, chemical and tear resistance. Unlike laminated papers, Cosmo Synthetic Paper can withstand abrasion and corrosive environments effectively.

BOPP films (Biaxially Oriented PolyPropylene Films) are produced by stretching polypropylene film in both machine direction and transverse direction. Among all other commonly used plastic films, BOPP films provides excellent moisture barrier & its metallised variant provides better oxygen barrier to product. It is a unique property that BOPP films has among all other commonly used flexible packaging films.

We understand the importance of the role the Label plays in creating brand value, besides distinguishing the company’s product from the competition, and ensuring legibility of the information printed on it. Our range of coated product label films enable complete information legibility on a constricted surface area available for the brand presentation. Get Label Face Stock Films, Wrap around label films, DTP Films and more.

Cosmo Films Limited is prime manufacturer and supplier of quality wrap around label films and wrap films. Most of the well-known beverage brands use our wrap films for their wrap around label needs. We offer films for reel fed as well as cut & stack application.
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