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The heavy artifacts and the brilliant intelligence platform that Ab Initio brings to the life of business analysts are amazing. I would say it's not a simple intelligence tool but quite a complex one. However, its knowledge and the features it holds actually take the business analyst much closer to the developers. Also, it gives insights into ETL, which enables the BA to improve the skill set on the client-server package.
The IT world is flooded with new technology and software. With this advancement, many new job roles a... Tagged with LearnSSIS, SSISDevelopers, SSISpreparation, onlineSSIStraining.
Are you looking for getting into the Business Analyst profile? If you are a beginner and want to start a career with the fast-growing IT domain then you should take your first step with the entry-level business analyst profile and move up the ladder slowly.
Now you have gone through the Selenium Basics and you have got a clear idea about What is Selenium and What is the Selenium architecture. Why we choose Selenium for Automation testing?
SDLC commonly known as Software Development Life Cycle is the engineering principle behind any software or system development.
Smoothing is a powerful method that is used across data analysis. Synonyms of smoothing are curve fitting and low pass filtering.
Regression analysis is an algorithm of machine learning that is used to measure how closely related independent variables relate to a dependent variable.
Firstly I want to ask you some questions about what you understand from Automation. How will it impact your life? Do you know the number of different Automation tools? Have you been fed up with doing Manual tasks?
we’re going to talk about the installation tableau desktop. As we know it is a development tool by tableau where most of the time developers spend.
Apart from the business and technical expertise, every business analyst should have a behavioral skill set also because BA’s are people’s people.
Deep learning is a hot technology nowadays. Why is this so special and what makes it unique from other aspects of machine learning?
Learn what is pie chart and how to create and format a simple pie chart in SSRS. You can represent the data in a grid format or a matrix format.
Ansible Tutorial for beginners, we have discussed all the key concepts like What is Ansible, its benefits, architecture, installation, roles, case study, and more for a kick start in your career.
we are going to talk about how a business user can interact with the tableau server. So, when we say, interacting with a business user to the tableau server, we mean majorly with the reports that we have published on the tableau server.
Two extensively used terms of cloud computing are DevOps or Development Operations and SysOps or System operations. These methods have become important for cloud computing.
Documentations are sole proof which any business analyst holds for the analysis they perform for their work. Any kind of documentation is the same as code is for developers and test cases for testers.
In this post, we're going to talk about how to sort the report based on the dimensions and measures. We will also see how to sort the reports manually and with some custom view, and then save that for your custom view of the dashboard.