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A leading company that specializes in providing advanced professional training, PTP offers finance and planning training courses to improve basic understanding of crucial financial aspects of a business. Professionals can brush up their skills with the help of their training courses that cover a wide range of topics related to finance, planning, budgeting and much more that will be essential for enhancing their performance. please visit: https://www.ptp.co.uk/training-courses/finance-and-planning-training/

The Grove Practice, a cutting-edge leader in the field of mental health training, offers specialised training in psychosexual therapy to qualified counsellors, psychotherapists, or psychologists, helping them improve their skills and knowledge. This 8-day certificate course is offered as a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Programme and aimed at helping therapists gain some insights, tools and confidence to work with clients' sexual concerns. please visit: https://www.thegrovepractice.com/training/certificate-in-psychosexual-therapy

A leading provider of independent pension trustee services, PTL offers DB pension schemes governance thereby building collaborative working relationships with scheme sponsors. The company uses its expertise to help you devise your DB pension strategy including setting the long-term objectives, managing and reducing risks whilst improving member experience. please visit: https://www.ptluk.com/Services/Defined-benefit-pension-schemes

A leading provider of canned cocktails in the UK, MyTinni offers canned mojito that brings together the vibes of a tropical Caribbean summer. The delectable mojito is the perfect way to present the joy of cocktails to family and friends, or just something a little special for yourself. For more information, please visit: https://www.mytinni.com/products/mojito

Edu-Quip, a part of the Office Reality Group, offers a large collection of furniture for schools, universities, colleges, and academies across the U.K. From school canteen furniture to classroom to playground, the online store has got all covered. please visit: https://www.edu-quip.co.uk/cat/subjects-rooms

A well-renowned provider of dies, Metallic Elephant offers hot foil dies that can turn luxury into everyday personalised items. These dies are perfect for adding luxury foil-stamped accents to any DIY party and wedding invitation. Individuals can create their own fully customised tags using their hot foil dies and add sleek foil elements to any design. please visit: https://www.metallicelephant.co.uk/hot-foil-dies/

Edu-Quip is part of the Office Reality Group, which has been created to further their offering of educational furniture and to provide a one stop shop dedicated to schools, colleges and universities. Edu-quip team continues to add products, visuals and informative content to the site with a view to making the user experience a good one. please visit – https://www.edu-quip.co.uk/

Spotler is one of the leading B2B marketing automation & lead generation software providers in the UK. Offering an all-in-one inbound and outbound marketing software, Spotler provides everything businesses need to launch effective marketing campaigns that generate leads and engages their audiences. For more information, please visit: https://spotler.co.uk/

A popular art prints provider, East End Prints offers landscape art prints of stunning visual appeal in unique style and colours. Their art prints are of superior quality, depicting natural settings, climates, and locations, that can set a calming mood to any space they are added to. please visit: https://www.eastendprints.co.uk/categories/art-prints/natural-world/landscapes.html

An independent paper shredding company in the UK, Shred on Site offers medical records shredding services to help protect patient confidentiality. The company performs medical records shredding services at the customers' site under the guidance of vetted operatives who have been appointed after extensive background checks. please visit: https://shredonsite.co.uk/Solutions-by-Industry/Medical-Records-Shredding

Carpigiani UK Ltd, a reputed supplier of ice cream and gelato equipment, offers pastry and catering machines designed with the highest quality standards. Perfect for Michelin starred kitchen to a banqueting operation, the Carpigiani's pastry machines combine versatility with consistency at every stage of their operation. please visit: https://www.carpigiani.co.uk/pastry-catering-overview/

RG Group provides affordable office refurbishment and office fit out and refurbishment services, so their client can get a makeover of their existing office properties. The company can transform any office space with professional interior decoration services and give a business a whole new lease of life. For more information, please visit: https://rg-group.co.uk/portfolio-item/alinea-consulting-llp-90-cannon-street-london/

Since 1982, Addtime has been a leading UK supplier of time recording machines and time and attendance systems. From traditional clock card machines, security patrol systems, and the consumables sold with them to the latest in biometric time and attendance/workforce management software the company helps its clients choose the right solution for them and their budget. For more information, please visit: https://addtimerecording.co.uk/time-and-attendance-software/

Our Engineering and Manufacturing team are experts in devising and tailoring strategic staffing solutions for clients across the globe, from Canada and the USA to the UK and Europe, Singapore, Israel, Australia and the Far East. In the current challenging environment, with radical changes to global supply chains and increasing use of digital technology, finding the right talent is critical. Please visit: https://www.voltinternational.com.sg/disciplines/engineering-and-manufacturing

Venuebility.com, a leading event management platform in London, helps individuals as well as event planners to search and book online a perfect venue for any event. This e-commerce platform not only helps book a venue for events but also get along with a wide-range of event suppliers, comprising photography, entertainment, floristry, catering, event styling, and many others. please visit: https://www.venuebility.com/events-and-venues-blog/historic-venues-perfect-for-meetings

Eagle House Group is one of the best independent special schools for children with autism in London. The school has adopted an interactive method to achieve successful learning by combining national subject studies with fun activities for a positive learning experience, resulting in all around development of the children.For more information, please visit: https://eaglehousegroup.co.uk/about-us/

The RICS HomeBuyer Report is a cost effective medium level survey. It involves an in-depth visual inspection of the property to identify defects and issues, using the format designed by the RICS.please visit: https://chartered-surveyor-london.co.uk/homebuyer-surveys/