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Being one of the forerunners among PVC manufacturers. LIV India is manufacturing the best home decor items in the domain. These products are very fashionable, durable, washable, purposeful and affordable. So do not fall in any dilemma and visit us immediately to avail special articles & special offers.

You can also have these easily coordinated with your mats and ac curtains thereby giving your room a synchronized harmony from the aspects of look and feel. The transparent table covers from Liv India are assured of quality and stand the test of time.

The PVC made door mats from Liv India are the right choice for any simple yet well-kept home. They promise utility in simplicity. Their vibrant colors can be coordinated with almost any interior decoration.

The outdoor mats by Liv India are very modern yet useful. These come in many colors and designs and be used with ease in the exterior part of the house. Opt for the outdoor mats in rubber and PVC in any place where the dirt or mud or water can enter your execute interiors.

Utilization of premium PVC Curtains for a regular home is as use of a rolling-pin in the kitchen. Choose the right set for a steady and calm aura of your home. And take pride in being right with Liv India’s nonchalant home-furnishings.

The transparent table covers by Liv India are ideal for an everyday use by any Indian home. They protect the fancy table covers of silk, cotton and linen or can be laid down as themselves too. These come with numerous designs while being transparent.

Browse through Liv India’s webs page for some sleek, exclusive and practical table mats and runners. Available in various sizes and color schemes, they can are unique in their own way.

The Bathmats pompously made available by Liv India are definitely talk of the town. They are affordable and very chic. Available in many designs and colors, they will cheekily be adored by all.

Liv India is a specialized home & living fashion forum that caters to every need of lifestyle. The one thing which, one may say, starts up the interior decoration is an outdoor mat. The company manufactures and showcase one of the most decorated and high-grade PVC outdoor mats for the customers.

No matter the occasion or household, these PVC transparent table covers from Liv India are assured to be worldly appreciated and used. And trust us, when we say they will outrun any other table cover material in the market.

Having a good and strong outdoor mat at your disposal gives a sense of contentment. Liv India’s outdoor mats come in premium quality of rubber and in many exquisite designs and colors. They are guaranteed to stay longer and look the part.

Shop dining table mats from the house of livindia as it has a modern pattern which is ideal for any kind of table. It surely brings out the elegance with its excellent design and combination of lively colors.

Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance, we all know this phrase but we never follow. When it comes to buying table mat, many people jump blindly to a decision which they get from the mouth of publicity and make their mind ready to buy. Market is flooded with variety of table…

The surface of the floor around the bathroom and main entrance of the home is quite slippery, especially if our feet are wet after the shower or if there is a drop of water all over the floor after the shower routine. We might trap into some kind of injury so before we get into it prevent the floor from danger by placing rubber door mats from the web portal of Livindia.

The quality of wholesale bathmats from the house of livindia is far better than other brands as the design has been blended with perfection and are made with world class standard. So buy at a wholesale price at a reasonable rate.  

Experience the perfect combination of modern & trendy concept by having table covers at wholesale rate from the house of livindia. Choose from multiple design & color and Impart a classic & positive vibe in the dining surrounding.
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