Owning and running a digital marketing agency gives me a chance to see all sorts of interesting things in the social media world. Some are clever, some are interesting, and some leave me saying, “What were you thinking when you did that?”

In effect, the number of mobile apps has increased significantly over recent years. With the wider use of smartphones, apps are tools that make our lives easier, more functional, safer, and more fun. We see more and more non-tech people coming to us with app ideas.

I have been in this business for decades—as a consultant, as a professor, and as an entrepreneur. What I have noticed as I have made my way in digital marketing is an odd phenomenon: In an industry dominated by men, women are the first to embrace the science and art of social media as way to get their message out.

Whether you are a business leader, a performer, a politician, or a social figure, that you are seen and how you are seen all lies in the realm of social media and your digital marketing agency. And the people in the public eye keep upping the ante on the intensity with which they use the digital marketing tools available.

Sometimes that blank sheet of paper staring at you can be daunting. A good start is gathering some basic information that will help you get what you want for your business—the digital marketing agency that is right for your project and a website design that will help your business grow in the years to come.

You will likely do a lot of shopping before selecting a digital agency and will be glad when you hand over the project to someone else. That will free your schedule to do other things.

You are starting your business or you are launching some new initiatives to help grow your customer base. You purchased your domain name and contacted a digital marketing company to talk about a plan of action for your website design and your social media management.

Finding a website designer or a digital marketing agency that will handle a spectrum of IT services for your business is a lot like speed dating. The first part of your search is to find those that you want to consider further and those who just aren’t a good fit for your business.

From the beginning of your business idea, you knew what you wanted to do and how you wanted to be known in the business community. You worked with your web developer to get your custom website up and running. And you have purchased SEO services to help push you up in search results rankings.

We now control security systems, the locks on our houses, the sprinkler system, and a lot of purchases through eCommerce apps. There is something immensely empowering about rolling over in bed at 4am to launch my Android app to run my sprinkler system. And as you put your phone back on the charger, you realize, “This thing is real power!”

So now you have to execute your social media marketing plan. Remember you need more than a website designer to handle this project. Get the help from a digital marketing company to get the most out of your efforts and keep the following tips in mind.
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