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Web development is hard and there is much to learn. Developers and designers need to be on top of a lot of emerging technologies and trends. But the community is buzzing with activity and it creates awesome libraries and plugins that can help us do our work. Here are some of our favorites. Not all of them were released this year, but all of them were updated in the last few months and are a great addition to your bookmarks.

Recently, there has been a lot of posts on the Themeforest forums about the current theme review process, review times, hard-rejections, soft-rejections and lots of frustrated authors, so we thought we’d write a short post on the subject.

We’ve been a part of Themeforest now for over 4 years and we’re also Elite Authors, meaning we’ve had our own fair share of rejections over the years, therefore, as you’d expect, we have a fairly good idea of the main reasons for rejection and hopefully this post can help you.

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High performance API for displaying other pages on your website.

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