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What a cute girl.

「Come here. What did you learn today?」

「Uhm......sorry, I forgot」

「You forgot?」

「Un......sorry, it was all thanks to Shou that I'm being taught by the Great Sage, but I'm so stupid」

「You forgot everything?」

There weren't any important big-names near the end, so the male and female host chatted on the side and disinterestedly waited for everyone else to finish walking.

Then the crowd on both sides suddenly exclaimed in shock like a rolling wave.

The two hosts subconsciously looked up and were stunned.


"Ufufufu" (Mio)

Mio was completely delighted, so she didn't listen to Tomoe, no, the words of Tomoe probably didn't even enter her ears.

"Hoh~ this is mayonnaise huh. Mio-dono, is it okay for me to taste it too?" (Shiki)

"Waka-sama has already been pleased so, it is okay. Shiki, eat and tas
Space collapsed while the heavens and the earth fell into chaos, and the might of the Restriction of Oblivion had actually emerged once more into the world!

"This is impossible! This is the ancient grand formation set up by the Third Netherworld Emperor all those years ago. How could it possible be controlled by you? It's impossible! Absolutely impossible..."
Ye Xuan replied in admiration of her, "I've asked around. She's a newcomer genius of the Heavenly Note Sect, from the Tiny world. She's already reached the 5-fate realm at such a young age and is famed as one of the 'Gemini Cosmo' girls. Her cultivating speed is simply shocking. Furthermore, she has quite the prestige within the Heavenly Note Sect. It's hard to imagine that she's so young! Af
Theo liked this silent time. It was because he coveted knowledge which could help him shake off this suffocating situation. Here, there were no professors who dismissed Theo or students making jokes.

Theo channeled all his stress into studying everyday. Theo's superior brain was used to this stress, and it absorbed the knowledge which had been accumulated in the library
"That's good, they should be afraid." Luo Feng said.

"Right." Xu Xin nodded.

"Xu Xin." Luo Feng suddenly flipped his hand and produced a simple looking laser gun.

"This is?" Xu Xin was shocked.

"E9 laser gun." Luo Feng smiled and explaine
"Alright! ALRIGHT! Even if I have to expend all my core, I would ensure that you two are killed!" The Gleaming Blood Lord screamed out. Those eyes that were hidden beneath that mask were ever more venomous right now.

"The boundless blood sea that possesses all living beings!"

"This isn't good! The Gleaming Blood Lord'
But, time was pressing.

The body's instinctive response exceeded the speed of the central nervous system processing information.

Under the instinct of an Amazon fighter, Fei almost subconsciously reached out his hand. A golden ball of light flashed, and a golden long bow appeared in his hand. He gently pulled on the string, and six sharp arro
After Miao Yi had thought about it, he decided to take out all the First Grade transcendent artifacts that he had in his possession. In addition to a few scraps, including the spiritual herb that Tong Renmei had given to him, he gave them to the ladies and asked them to find Wen Fang to sell them off.

In fact, he wasn't in a rush to sell these items right now. However,
Li Du carefully approached and looked. Indeed, there was a big hole on the rocky island. It was quite large, about a few hundred square feet in size.

Its soil looked to be the same as the rest of the island. Upon closer inspection, it became clear the hole was actually a cave. It winded down, seeming to go under the lake.

Brother Wolf used a
The three then entered the auction venue after releasing the black crow. Chapter 555: Familiar Faces and More Familiar Faces

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Though the Black Spider's auctions weren't the number one in TongTian Continent, they were very renowned. Since this was a black market, many people who had certain
WindWithoutTrace, who had lost his mind, seemed like a mad dog. Under his constant usage of Wind Three Strikes, it even made Shi Xiaobai feel a slight bit of pressure. It excited him somewhat, but also made him feel a bit of guilt.

It was as though he had done something incredible. Wind Three Strikes had now completely transformed into Mad Three Strikes!

"It shall end today!" World Emperor raised his voice: "Don't think Immortal Emperors will come to save you. The thirteen continents have been sealed so they won't be able to locate your coordinates so easily. Once they found it, you would be ashes already, so don't bother delaying for more time, let go of this futile hope! This is my advice as an old friend."

However, You JunQi wasn't as strong as before.

Once You ZhenTian locked him in the Forbidden zone, his cultivation base was tampered with, so that it began dropping every year. Even though it was much better now, he could never return to his peak state.

"You ZhenTian, I don't know where you got your confidence from to say such a thing. I
He did not squeeze the Jindan again to improve his supernatural ability, because he felt it went through the process when he tried to learn how to "take back". There were many fighters with a supernatural ability that can't achieve the level of Dan Stage because their supernatural ability became too strong.

I am a fighter, I shouldn't be confused about the mai
"It is impressive that your have a body of a three-star returned prime Warrior. I'm guessing your cultivation level is lower than that, but you can't defeat Xue Er with gimmicks." Qing Yao smiled and shook her head.

"Six-star returned prime level?" Ye Wei gulped and looked at Xue Er's childish face again.

'I'm glad that I'