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Gu Xijiu was inspired as she recalled the demon which had escaped...

She wanted the muscle for the cane! At least she could protect herself from the demon!

She continued observing both the human and the beast so that she could determine the beast's strategy. Long Siye and the beast was equally good; no one had gained the upper hand so far.
At that sudden juncture, Shi Xiaobai was inspired as he lifted the black broadsword up and stabbed it forcefully into the ground!

It was unknown if the black broadsword was too sharp or if the ground that looked extremely firm was very soft, but Shi Xiaobai had managed to effortlessly penetrate the ground deeply with the black broadsword!

"I am an adult, not anyone's little brother."

"Oh, an adult. Do you have a name?"

"Of course I do. My name is Xuanmiao."

"Xuanmiao, can you let us in?" Ziyi Miao asked, looking saintly pure.

Xuanmiao shook his head, "No. The Temple is closed t
The Great Clan Elder looked up, to see a group of figures dressed in long gowns covering the horizon, with a seemingly white mist covering their bodies which were actually Qi enveloping them, flying towards him.

The head who was shouting loudly was a bald and frail old man, seeing his anxious face, he seemed like he couldn't wait to rush forward.

Aion is originally a country that's passionate in their information gathering abilities.

There's many spies infiltrated in Limia, Lorel, and Gritonia as well.

Of course, Tsige as well.

Before announcing independence, Rembrandt-san said that he cleaned the place, but that was just momentary.

"Go, Shinobu," Akatsuki gave his order.

The screeching increased in volume as the puppet girl's eyes lit up with blood-red flames and she moved...


She viciously bit into Akatsuki's neck!!


Akatsuki made a foolish sound.

"My foot is fine already," Bai Yu immediately stood up after hearing her teammates wanted to leave her behind again. She then took a few steps to show that she was OK.

"Great, since that's the case, let's all eat a little and hurry out to find more hints," the young man acted like nothing had happened as he reminded everyone to refuel their bodies.
Li Rong nodded to greet him before sending a light palm thrust towards the asteroid.

Her lush jade-white hand burst with a sensational power and instantly caused the huge asteroid to disintegrate into a cloud of dust, sending countless pieces of debris scattering in all directions.

Yang Kai's eyes darted around quickly and soon caught sight o
He only told them the most basic, the most obvious, the most initial stage of body fusion, demonstrating it first with Yue Bing.

As Yue Bing's heart was pure, with no other thoughts at all, she could very easily empty her mind. In a few seconds, Yue Yang was able to take control of her body. Amongst the four girls, she had the most successful and most effective [Body Fu
So it came to this. What his vision could see. What his mind could sense. Two different realms. Two different planes. He was unable to precisely locate the target. This put him in quite the tangle, making his mood a mess.

Luo Nan hit the glass with his forehead; he wanted to calm his mood. Then some communications came through on his wristband, causing his wristband to

Li Du was too lazy to talk to these minions.

Ariana's friends gave her presents one by one, leaving Porter and Sean for the end.

Sean looked at Porter and pointed at him with his chin. "Hey, man, what have you got?

Come on, it's not the key to the villa, is it? Haha!"
When I joked around, Milleia-san laughed to herself. But she looked a little sorrowful as well.

[That path is a grim one. You've already lost the road home, but are you sure?]

"I mind it not."

[I see. Then we've got to support you with all we've got.] Ye Mo went up to the second floor and said to Annie, &
"She sits next to me in class. Transfer student," Lin Yi said.

"Why's she following you though?" Tang Yin felt that it'd seem petty for her to be asking Lin Yi stuff like this, but she decided it was fine. The more perfect Lin Yi was, the more afraid and insecure about losing him Tang Yin got.

"She's new here. Didn't