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Phemex is a crypto exchange that is relatively newer than its competitors. A crypto exchange is where you can buy, sell or trade the cryptocurrency that you are interested in.

Crypto traders interested in trading Bitcoin should choose the best trading platform. Read our blog to know ten things to look for in a Bitcoin trading platform.

A CoinFLEX review that talks about the advantages and disadvantages of the crypto exchange can help the interested parties in determining if the available

FTX is a crypto exchange that is built by the traders, for the traders. FTX is one of the best and safest exchanges in the market as it has been built to make trading easy and convenient for all traders, experienced and inexperienced alike.

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Kucoin has had years of experience to beef up its platform’s security and it has done just that. The company boasts of implementing some of the most sophisticated blockchain technologies and features that ensure their client’s information, funds, and trading activities are kept secured.

After a massive Ethereum transaction between two unknown wallets, could the price of the cryptocurrency rise higher? Read our blog for more information.

Could there be an increase in Bitcoin’s price as it moves towards an eco-friendly mining method? Read our blog to know more about this latest news update.

After a steep correction observed across the entire crypto market on Wednesday, an ETH Whale has now reportedly moved a massive chunk of the altcoin.

The slight stability noted for Bitcoin after a momentous drop in its price can be somewhat credited to Elon Musk’s tweet that indicated Tesla will be holding the cryptocurrency.

Many of you know the old Hyper, the fast proof of stake gaming coin that tried to integrate cryptocurrencies to games, which was achieved with a lot of success.

Bitradio [BRO] is a Proof of Stake currency featuring 2-minute blocks, 5 BRO coins as block reward and only 10.000.000 coins distributed through 6 crowd sale rounds.

Folding Coin is a really special altcoin. Only 1 Billion tokens will ever exist which makes it pretty rare and is a cause coin built on top of Counterparty.

Folding Coin is a really special altcoin. Only 1 Billion tokens will ever exist which makes it pretty rare and is a cause coin built on top of Counterparty.

HYPER is designed to be a low energy 100% proof of stake coin: PoW mining was only available for the first two weeks before the coin shifted to the 100%. It has the following technical specifications. It gives a 100% Proof of Stake (PoS)

A lot of Alt-Coins exist in the Crypto sphere nowadays. Most coins use technology that is either Proof of Work, Proof of Stake or a hybrid Proof of Work/Proof of Stake system.

Cryptocurrency crashes could occur suddenly. When this occurs, you are often stuck holding an number of your strength which is worth less than you originally invested. It's very important to control such conditions in a methodical and careful method.

With the latest news on the Silk Road 2.0 operation, many individuals have started to speculate that perhaps bit coins are diving in worth.