Tutpub - Hackers Guide to Being Hacked: How “Bad Guys” Take Control, and How to Take it Back. https://tutpub.com/web-security/hackers-guide-to-being-hacked-how-%E2%80%9Cbad-guys%E2%80%9D-take-control-and-how-to-take-it-back-/ “Oh crap. I think we’ve been hacked.” That's the last sentence you ever want to hear from your IT guy, and the last sentence you ever want to have to say to your customers and clients. The fact is, hackers are everywhere. They are out there doing bad stuff for profit, pleasure, notoriety, or simply because: “I can”. This is intended to be a quick, down and dirty, guide to recovering from an attack. No matter if you’re a noob or a seasoned IT professional, it is really only a matter of time before you will have to deal with an intruder. Sun, 01 Dec 2013 17:13:35 UTC en